Welcome New Director of Youth and Family Ministry

We are thrilled to welcome Nathan Patti to First Church Amherst as our new director of Youth and Family Ministry.

Nathan brings with him a newly-minted Master of Divinity degree from Boston University and several years of youth ministry experience with churches in Florida.

We’re looking forward to resuming more youth and family events in the coming weeks and months, and we hope YOU will be there!

In-person worship resumes!

We look forward to welcoming all who feel comfortable with in-person worship on Sunday, July 11.

Holy Week at First Church Amherst

As we begin the holiest week of the church year–all of it online for the second consecutive year–we welcome all people everywhere to participate in our Holy Week services from your home.

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 1, we’ll gather on Zoom for a moving Maundy Thursday service, commemorating Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples. To make your worship experience more powerful, you may want to assemble your own Communion elements and light a few candles in your home.

At noon on Friday, April 2, we’ll meet again on Zoom for a very simple Good Friday service: a reading of the Passion, a little music, and a short reflection from our pastor.

If you would like the links to these services, please contact our church administrator at firstchurch_amherst@comcast.net

After a solemn weekend, we’ll gather in joy on Easter Sunday. Our celebration of resurrection and new life happens live on our YouTube channel: First Church Amherst, MA. Glorious music begins at 10:20 a.m., and the service officially begins at 10:30. We’ll celebrate Holy Communion
and share joys and prayer requests via YouTube’s LiveChat feature.

We hope to “see” you!

Lent 2021

Curious about our Lenten program? Click above for more information.

Christmas Eve at First Church Amherst

Pandemic or not, the Christ Child is coming. Socially distanced and all, Christmas Eve is coming.

Please make plans to participate in our joyful Christmas Eve service at 5 o’clock on December 24, via our YouTube channel, First Church Amherst Ma.

The service will feature live music and carol-singing, a pre-recorded pageant, and lots of joy. If you can’t worship live at 5, you can watch the service on YouTube later that evening or on Christmas Day.

You are also warmly welcome to our remaining Advent services at 10:30 a.m. on December 13 and December 20, also on our YouTube channel. The December 20 service be feature Lessons and Carols of the season.

On Monday, December 21 at 7 p.m., we will host a Longest Night Service on Zoom. If you would like to attend, please be in touch with us so we can share the link with you.

All blessings of this season of light and love to you and yours.

Advent: For Such a Time as This

Who knows? Perhaps [Jesus comes] for just such a time as this.—Esther 4:14
And the Word became flesh and made his home among us. —John 1:14

Advent comes every year, but this year we might need it more than ever.

Advent is a breaking in: of the divine into the human, light into shadow, hope into despair, healing into brokenness, new life into death, Spirit power into human limitations, the realm of God into political and economic empire.

Advent is also an invitation: a divine summons to acknowledge the holy longings implanted in our hearts. Quiet encouragement to be still. A gentle wake-up call to wonder. Holy permission to put down all the things we think we should be doing for God and, instead, simply revel in God’s love for us and our world.

Because Advent comes this year amid a deadly pandemic, it will be different. But perhaps it comes for just such a time. Perhaps Jesus is born for just such a time. And so we will still light candles around a wreath. We’ll still sing our favorite hymns and carols. We’ll adapt beloved rituals and re-imagine cherished traditions. We’ll make special efforts to connect with one another. The circle of love will include one and all.

Make plans to engage as much of the season as you can—safely, and with a heart open to wonder and love. Sunday and Christmas Eve services will livestream on YouTube.

November 29, First Sunday in Advent That All Would Have Hope

Friday, December 4, 6:30 p.m. Family Advent Gathering on Zoom

December 6, Second Sunday in Advent That All Would Be Comforted

Streaming anytime after December 8 Piano Music for Advent, by Gail Weirick

December 13, Third Sunday in Advent That All Would Know Joy

December 20, Fourth Sunday of Advent That All Would Love and Be Loved
A Service of Lessons and Carols

Monday, December 21, 7 p.m. Longest Night Service on Zoom

Christmas Eve: 5 p.m. Family service with pre-recorded Pageant

Online Worship Continues through 2020

After careful consideration of the science, state guidelines, and local circumstances (including, but not limited to, the return of college students), we have decided to continue worshipping online through the remainder of the year.

In doing so, we express our ongoing commitment to loving our neighbors. We realize that any in-person gathering we have has the potential to expose to the coronavirus not only those present, but also everyone with whom those present have extended contact.

Our decision also reflects God’s extravagant welcome to all, as well as our own commitment to accessibility. We will not resume in-person worship until we can also assure that those who cannot attend services in person will be able to continue worshipping with us online. Some new equipment we need to be able to stream services from our sanctuary is on back-order.

Finally, we are taking action to re-open our building to renters and other outside groups. Those interested in gathering in our building must submit a request with detailed plans for social distancing and cleaning.

We pray for the day when we can all gather safely again.





Coronavirus Update

Dear members, friends and the greater community of First Church Amherst:

Due to an increase in Covid-19 cases in Massachusetts and the imminent return of thousands of college students to Amherst, the Re-Church Ministry Team and the Elected Leadership Team have made the difficult decision to keep our building closed to in-person gatherings until October 1 at least. 

This decision, which we realize some may find disappointing, arises from our deep commitment to doing all we can to protect one another’s health. It is also informed by state restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather in indoor spaces and the state’s detailed guidelines for how to prepare, separate, and clean those spaces and monitor the entrance and behavior of persons once they are inside the building.

The Re-Church Team will reconsider when to open the building for at least some limited uses of various spaces at its next meeting, on September 14. 

In the meantime, the Re-Church Team will begin formulating protocols for safe, distanced, in-person gatherings in our spaces that follow strict state guidelines and take into account the size  and ventilation of various spaces. All persons in the building will be required to wear face masks. 

Renters and other groups who are interested in meeting in those spaces when the church building is re-opened will be required to submit plans for re-entry by September 8. All plans must meet state and local guidelines. 

The Re-Church Team will evaluate plans in mid-to-late September after determining whether the building can be opened for some uses. Not Bread Alone and Spring Street Preschool will operate under state-mandated guidelines.

You are welcome to contact members of the Re-Church and Elected Membership Teams to share your feelings or concerns about these plans. For contact information, please email the church office at firstchurch_amherst@comcast.net

Meanwhile, we continue to be the church in myriad ways: worshipping together, praying together, serving our community, ministering to our youth, the grieving, and the sick, and doing the work of the church. We long for the day when we can gather together in person, and we pray without ceasing for all frontline workers and for all individuals and families who are suffering from the coronavirus and pandemic shutdowns.

In love and hope,

The Re-Church Team

The Elected Leadership Team