We believe every member of the church is a minister (and every person, for that matter, is an expression and vehicle of God’s love). Our members carry out countless ministries, some known to us and others not.  We also have many “ministry teams” where small groups of participants in our congregation work together to provide a ministry, either within the church or to the world beyond the church, or both.

Below are links to a few of our ministry teams followed by a list of all the teams and the contact person for each.   If you feel called to be part of one of these ministries, or would simply like to know more about the activities of a team, either click on the link below, or call the church office at 413-253-3456.DSC_0986

O&A (Open and Affirming) Ministry Team
This team focuses on welcome and full inclusion of LGBQT folks in the life of the church and beyond, and invites heterosexual individuals to become more knowledgeable and effective allies.

Earth Ministry Team
This team invites and challenges members of our congregation to take effective action in caring for God’s creation in the face of climate change and other environmental challenges.

Anti-Racism Ministry Team
The ARMT seeks to help the congregation live out our commitment to be a force for the elimination of racism and white privilege.

Peace-builders Ministry Team
This team witnesses for peace and invites the congregation to be ministers of love, justice and peace in our lives and beyond.



 Deacon Ministry Team  –  Nancy Haffey

 Healing Circle Singers  –  Dorothy Cresswell

Music Ministry Team  –  Fleur Barnes-Rowell

Music on Main Ministry Team  –  Fleur Barnes-Rowell

Prayer Chain Ministry Team  –  Betsy Howlett

Time Out for Turning Inward  –  Betsy Howlett, Katie Tolles


Growing in Faith Together Ministry Team  –  Beth Newell

Bible Study  –  Vicki Kemper

Youth and Family Ministry Team  –  Katie Tolles


Anti-Racism Ministry Team  –  Russ Vernon-Jones,

 Bridges Coffeehouse  –  Dorothy Cresswell

Cot Shelter Ministry Team  –  David Jean

Delegates to the Massachusetts Convention of the UCC  –  Sarah Mager and ivy tillman

Earth Ministry Team  –  Betsy Krogh

Front Door Ministry Team  –  Vicki Kemper

Mission Ministry Team  –  Cindy Kuusisto

Nicaragua Outreach Ministry Team   –  Chuck and Nancy Milch

Not Bread Alone Ministry Team  –  Nancy Brose

 Open and Affirming (ONA) Ministry Team  –  ivy tillman

 Peace-builders Ministry Team   –  Katie Tolles

UCC Connections Ministry Team  –  Sarah Mager


Caring Companions  –  Vicki Kemper

Men’s Fellowship  –  Bill Rowell

Merry Musical Team  –  Maryélise Lamet, Savanna Ouellette

Potluck & Sing Group  –  Joan Langley

Prayer Shawl Ministry Team  –  Cynthia Wade

Welcoming and Membership Ministry Team  –  Carlton Brose


Auditor  –  John Kuusisto

Cranberry Fair Ministry Team  –  Skyler Keiter

Design/Building Ministry Team  –  Doug Marshall

 Helen Mitchell House Ministry Team  –  Mary Taft

Human Resources Ministry Team  –  Ralph Faulkingham

Investments Ministry Team  –  Ed Stanek

 Loaves and Fishes Ministry Team  –  Cathy Kay

 Memorial Garden Ministry Team  –  Jan Hargis

Ministry Resource Allocation Team  –  Carlton Brose

Pastor Parish Relations Ministry Team  –  Jay Killough

Planned Giving Ministry Team  –  Linda Smith

Property Ministry Team  –  Leslie Smith

 Website and Logo Ministry Team  –  Ralph Faulkingham

 Webmaster  –   Tim Coppolo