Spiritual Life
Our connection to God /Spirit/ Jesus and our experience of God’s presence is central to who we are as a church, to our worship, and to our individual and collective faith journeys.

Christian Community Life and Care
We are, and want to be even more fully, an inclusive Christian community where all are welcome unconditionally, where we increasingly connect with each other in meaningful and personal ways, where we care for each other, and where we share and explore our faith journeys, experiences, doubts, fears, visions, and hopes with each other, and have fun together.

Transformative Learning
We are, and want to be even more fully, a church where we experience human transformation – are changed through our experience of God, through learning, and through knowing each other – so we are each always continuing to grow as people of faith. Such transformation is for all ages, and includes significant intergenerational learning experiences.

Lay Ministry in the World/Social Justice
We are, and want to be even more fully, a church that takes the message of love, justice, peace, and wholeness into the world through individual and collective action; and a church in which everyone comes to see herself or himself as using his or her talents and following his or her calling(s) to be a lay minister in daily life. We explore ways to be more visible to the local community outside the church as a congregation committed to social justice and to being the agents of God’s love in the world.

 Stewardship of Resources
We are, and want to be more fully, a church in which each of us sees ourselves as a steward of God’s bounty; in which each of us gives generously of our money, our time, and our talents to the church. We want to steward our church’s financial, property, and personnel resources thoughtfully so that our congregation and our ministries in the world are enhanced. We want to increasingly be stewards of the natural world who individually and collectively contribute to the preservation and restoration of the environment.